About Me

Hello! My name is Shannah, or Shan for short. DOB March 13, 1991. I sing all the time, but I am simply horrible at it. I love to craft and I call myself an artist. I'm constantly doing things with my hands and I believe if you love to do something.. do it! Who knows where my creations will bring me, or where God will lead me, but His timing is perfect and he has a beautiful plan for my life.

I also love fashion and photography, so I am likely to post a little bit of everything, really!

I am glad you stopped by my blog and keep stopping by for new adventures in the life of a DIYer!



  1. You & Andrew are so so so cute together! Love your blog name (it all makes sense now), and you are a beauty.

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. You know, I love your blog, and I check it pretty regularly, and never even thought to ask if we could be pen pals!
    It's a resolution of mine to write more letters. (: I love them, I've just only ever had one pen pal and that was back in middle school.

    Any chance that you'd be up for it>

  3. Just email me? (:

  4. oh...i miss mail letter day!!!
    when i was in elementary school i did it pretty often. now, it's email.

  5. Shannah--do tell: what does "the point of no return" mean?? :D
    (Also, I hope my letter made its way to your mailbox? Let me know!)



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