Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mesh Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

Fall is in the air and I have to say this is honestly my favorite season. I love the cool and crisp air, the colors of the leaves, and I love love LOVE decorating for Fall. Of course if you know me, you know that I am a sucker for crafting and nearly all my decor is handmade by yours truly.

Yesterday while doing a google search for pumpkin door wreaths, I came across some really cute mesh ones and I HAD to give it a go! This is what I ended up with...

I think it turned out really pretty and I can't wait to decorate with it!

So for all you crafters, here's the How To:

Things You Will Need:

> wire clothes hanger or wreath base
> orange mesh
> orange ribbon or pipe cleaners
> hot glue gun or stapler
> anything you wish to put on the top of your pumpkin.
   for me it was:
                        -yellow ribbon
                        -silk leaves

Step One:

Take your clothes hanger and bend it out until it resembles a circle. Unless you have super mad skills, it's probably going to turn out like mine and not be straight at all. Also, I painted the front part of my hanger orange so it will camouflage better.

Step Two:

Once that dries, take the orange ribbon and cut it into 10" strips. You will need 14 strips of ribbon. Tie 7 strips across the top spaced out evenly and across the bottom, leaving a gap on each side.

Step Three:

Take the orange mesh and bunch it up, leaving about 2" remaining at the end. Take the first ribbon on your top right (or left, it doesn't matter) and tie it around the pinched section. I double knotted mine very tight in the front and then brought it around to the back and double knotted it again.

Step Four:

Bunch it up again a few inches down, meeting the first bottom ribbon and tying it the same way you did the first one. You want to leave a little poof in the ribbon between tying it, but not a lot for now.

Step Five:

Now, will continue across the base in a zigzag effect, going back up to the next top ribbon. Bunch it up, pinch it, tie it.

As you get closer to the middle you will want to add a bigger poof to the mesh to give it a real pumpkin look. Here is a picture of it halfway finished. Ye, it's really poofy!

Step Six:

Continue all the way across, making it slightly tighter as you near the end. Once you are finished, trim the remainder of your ribbons. Take each end of the mesh and fold them under towards the back side of your wreath. You can either glue it down or staple it in place to hide it from showing. Trim excess mesh.

Step Seven:

Add your toppings. I used burlap, yellow ribbon, and green silk leaves for mine. You can arrange the top however you like but for me I bunched up the burlap that I had and used jute string and a yarn needle to weave and secure it onto the wreath.

After adding the burlap as thick as I wanted it, I placed my leaves where I wanted them and hot glued them on. Then I took my yellow ribbon and made three loops in it, leaving a long end on each side to drape over the pumpkin. I hot glued that into place over the leaves. After looking at it for a while I called it finished.

Let me know if you try it. I'd love to see pictures! Happy Fall Y'all!

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