Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY: Simple Chevron Skirt Tutorial

Yesterday, my mother bought me some chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby. I found this tutorial of a simple skirt for toddlers, and converted it into a "big girl" size! This is truly THE EASIEST skirt you could ever make! I love my new skirt, and I hope y'all will try out this tutorial as well!


Things you will need:
~Safety pin
~Sewing machine
~tape measurer

I started with 1 and 3/8 yards of fabric, folded it in half, and cut on the fold.

 photo DSCN3876_zps383e9341.jpg

 Now you have two identical rectangles. Put them together with right sides facing and sew each edge (the two shorter sides) together. I reinforced the edges with a zigzag stitch.

 photo DSCN3877_zpsbf24cc95.jpg

Now that the edges are sewed together, it's time to make the casing for the elastic. For the side that will be the top of your skirt, fold 1&1/4" and iron all the way around. Fold over again, iron.

 photo DSCN3878_zpsda32df90.jpg

Sew casing all the way around, leaving a 3" opening to work the elastic through.

 photo DSCN3879_zpsbfb0123d.jpg

Work elastic through with safety pin.

 photo DSCN3880_zps77395b3b.jpg

 Once it's pulled all the way through, sew the elastic together (extra well!).

 photo DSCN3881_zpsbb068136.jpg

Now sew the 3" opening closed. Next, Hem the bottom to however long or short you want it. I ironed 1&1/4", folded and ironed again, then sewed all the way around. (Sorry I didn't photograph that)

And... You are finished!

 photo DSCN3890_zps2ab0f77a.jpg

I plan on making several more like this! I may try lighter weight fabric (this was cotton) and try the whole "high-low" effect.  If you try this tutorial, please let me know! I'd love to see photos!!

~Shannah Renee


  1. Shannah, this is SO cute! Do you just measure the elastic so that it's long enough to wrap around your waist? This seems like a simple enough beginner sewing project! I may just be able to tackle something like this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This is cute! It's so cool that you were able to make a big girl version. I made a similar skirt recently and will have to show it off one of these days. I'm so inspired by how you find ways to alter patterns to make them your own such as the high/low version of this skirt. I can't wait to see how that turns out. You keep me inspired, Shannah!

  3. I love that! Once again, I wish I could make stuff like you do.

  4. Oh my gosh this is so cute!! I used to love to sew... you're inspiring me to start again. :)

  5. i'm impressed by your craftiness!!
    p.s. cute blog :)

  6. I love the pattern and color of that skirt. This seems simple enough ( then again maybe you're just extremely skilled in craftiness),I may have to try it out.

  7. Aww that skirt came out so cute! Such a great little tutorial!

  8. Oh my gosh! My mom bought me that SAME fabric, too! Not even joking! She actually made it into pillowcases before I could touch it, though. :) The pillowcases and pillows were my "apartment warming gift."

  9. I love this! I am about to move to a country that my current wardrobe would not do well in. I've been considering making my own skirts and dresses so I'll have exactly what I need.

  10. Hi Shannon. Oh this is very cute! I def want to try this. :)



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