Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIY: Fabric Bow Headband

I did a guest post for Allison back in February and decided to share it with you all today.

DIY Fabric Bow Headband

Things You Will Need:





~sewing machine

~tape measurer

~hot glue gun

time length: about 30 mins

Step 1: fold a long strip of fabric about 3 1/2" wide. Cut out.

You should have 2 strips of fabric now. I make my length extra long so I can trim it to where I need it to fit around my head. Pin together, right sides facing!

Step 2: Wrap around your head and measure where it meets, leaving and inch or so extra on each side for the velcro. (Optional)- cut 2 slanted strips on each end of the fabric strips.

step 3: sew 3 edges together. Leave and edge open to turn inside out.
step 4: Fold raw edge in and top stitch as close to the edge as possible! To match, do this on the other slanted edge as well. Iron even.
I didn't quite like how thick mine turned out (it's all on preference) so I folded it in half longways and top stitched each long edge evenly.

step 5: Cut 2 pieces of velcro about an inch in length and pin them to the edges of the band. Remember they have to be pinned on opposite sides so they don't twist when they meet (if that makes sense.) Sew them on.
step 6: Now for the bow! This is simple. I didn't really measure, but I cut 2 pieces of fabric (right sides facing) in a rectangle shape. About 3 1/2" x 5"
Pin them together right sides facing. Sew up 3 sides, turn inside out, fold raw edge under, top stitch over both shorter sides very close to edge.
step 7: I didnt photograph this, but it's simple enough to follow. Cut 2 strips of fabric about 2 1/2" long by 1" wide. Sew right sides facing very close to edge, leave one edge open. Turn inside out. You don't have to sew closed because it will be hidden. 
step 8: bunch up the bow in the center and stitch it down. You are done with the sewing part. Now, wrap the smaller strip around the center of the bow and glue it together underneath. You might want to glue the inside to the bow to reinforce it.

step 9: Glue the bow onto the band in the spot you want it to go. I also glued the edges of the bow down, to tame it a bit.
And Voila! You have a cute fabric bow headband!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 
God bless!


  1. Your blog looks so pretty! And this headband is amazing!!! Do you sell these in your Esty shop??

  2. the bow headband is awesome! sooo lovely and it looks good on you. :)

  3. I'm glad you reposted this, because I must have missed it on Allison's blog. The headband (and your curly hair) looks really cute! :)

  4. What a fantastic headband! I love it! xoxo



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