Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY: Tote Bag Tutorial

I have another super easy tutorial for you guys! A cute Tote Bag!

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Thins You Will Need:
~Fabric in two colors, and lining fabric
~Tape Measurer
~baking paper or newspaper
~Straps for purse
Step 1.
We’re going to make the pattern from scratch using the baking paper (or newspaper). Here are the pieces you’ll need to cut/fold from your paper:
Measure out each piece on your baking paper, cut or fold to size and tape down any excess. These pattern pieces already include a 5/8” seam allowance (1.5cm).
Note: You will make 2 of each pattern.
 photo pursepattern_zpse9811f42.jpg

Step 2.
Fold the fabric you want to use on the TOP in half, and pin the TOP pattern piece through both layers. Cut out. Do the same with both the BOTTOM pattern, and the LINING.
Now, here is what you should have:
 photo pursepatternv_zps08b00434.jpg

Step 3.
Put one TOP piece and one BOTTOM piece with right sides together, lining up one of the long edges. Pin and sew that edge. Repeat Step 3 with the other TOP and BOTTOM piece.

 photo DSCN3756_zpsccfe0070.jpg

 photo DSCN3758_zps4996a6e5.jpg
right side

Step 4.
Now you should have two large rectangles. Place them on top of each other, right sides together. Pin and sew the bottom seam of your bag. Now pin and sew each side seam, going from the bottom of the bag to the top.
 photo DSCN3759_zpsbf296e45.jpg

Step 5.
 Next, we’re going to do the box corners. With one hand on the inside of your bag, and one on the outside, find one of the bottom corners of your bag. Squash it down so that the side seam, and bottom seam are in line, and pin it so it goes through both seams

 photo DSCN3763_zps01ef397f.jpg

 photo DSCN3764_zpseafd57b9.jpg

Once it’s pinned, measure approximately 2” from the point down the length of the seam, and mark the spot with your pins or a fabric pencil. Using your ruler, find the spot you marked and line up your ruler on it perpendicular to the seam. Draw a line across your fabric. Pin along that line to hold it in place. Do this with both corners of your bag. At this point I like to turn the bag right side out to make sure I’m happy with the depth of my corners. If you aren’t, increase or decrease the size and try again. If you are happy with them, turn the bag inside out again and sew straight along the line you just drew on each corner.
Cut the corner off, approximately 1/2” from the seam.

 photo DSCN3767_zpse8a0ca54.jpg

Step 6.
Repeat Steps 4 and 5 with your lining fabric.
Step 7.
With the outer bag inside-out, and the lining right-side-out, put the outer bag inside the lining bag. Line up the top edge and side seams. Fold and pin the top edge down 1”, iron. Remove the pins and fold over again 1”.. pin and iron. Sew keeping close to the bottom edge of the hem.

 photo DSCN3768_zpsbf9e1854.jpg

Step 8.
Turn your bag right-side-out. Take the straps you chose for your purse and cut two pieces at your desired handle length. I sealed each cut end with some clear nail polish to stop it from fraying. Use your ruler and dressmakers pencil to measure and mark where you want your handles to be on each side. Pin the handles in position and sew around the base of each one, keeping close to the edge. I sewed over mine twice to make them stronger.

The patch work is easy enough. I just cut hearts out of my scrap fabric and pinned them where I wanted them and stitched them on by hand. I made the stitched slightly bigger to make it look like pretty patchwork. 

 photo DSCN3795_zps3c474535.jpg

And there it is! One pretty tote bag to carry things in maybe to go to the beach of for a purse, which is what I'm using mine as. :) 

~Shannah Renee


  1. How fun! I love how the two sides are opposites. Darling!

  2. Cool idea girl!
    Want to follow each other? :)

  3. Oh, this is fantastic. I just got a sewing machine for Christmas and this looks like a simple enough project for me to tackle. :)



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